Howdy partners! Do you know how many blogposts I’ve started with ‘howdy’? Far too many. And they were probably all uncalled for, since there are only a few places in the world you can refer to with a ‘howdy’. But finally, ladies and gentlemen, I don’t have to feel ashamed anymore! Cause today I’m in Texas. (actually, I was in Texas a few months ago, but I hadn’t written any blogposts about it yet, so let’s pretend I’m in Texas today, shall we? Thanks!)

So, Texas, why would anyone go to Texas? First of all, ladies and gents, that’s a silly question. I could give you at least five reasons now: chicken fried chicken, Tex Mex, beautiful countryside, cool cities with great architecture (I’ll actually be talking about my wonderful experience in Dallas soonish), nice folks, … Also: I got invited, expenses paid, which is probably the best reason to go anywhere.

After a nine and a half hour flight from Amsterdam to Dallas, my driver took me to a place called Graham. Don’t feel bad if you’ve never heard of Graham. It’s a very small town with less than 9.000 inhabitants, about two hours away from the airport. It’s not really a sight for sore eyes, the town itself I mean, but it has a few interesting aspects. For instance: Graham is in a ‘dry’ county, which means there’s no alcohol to be consumed. If you’re from Belgium – or from anywhere else in the world actually – this is a terrifying thought. Although although although, there are plenty of people with guns in Graham, so you probably don’t want to get them drunk.

Another interesting thing about Graham – but this goes for the rest of Texas as well – is the food they serve in their local diners. I had the opportunity to taste ‘chicken fried chicken’, which is something like fried chicken with a sauce of ground chicken. Can you spell DELISH? Well, save that word for other meals.

But the most important thing/place/sight in Graham is the Wildcatter Ranch! If you’re ever in the area, this is where you’ll want to be. It’s like a Disneyland for cowboys (or actually tourists who want to act like cowboys). This beautiful ranch slash resort is actually a private club, which means they’re allowed to serve alcohol. And boy, do they know how to serve it! Bottomless margaritas and mimosas. Also their cuisine is wonderfully interesting (be sure to like meat!). When you stay here, at this touristic ranch, make sure you do some cowboy activities, like feed the longhorns (cows with long horns, duh), ride a horse and go clay shooting. Afterwards you can enjoy the sunset from the jacuzzi and swimming pool. Perfection!