Photo story: North Korea

As the tension on the Korean peninsula builds up over possible nuclear attacks by North Korea and its leader Kim Jong-un, the fascination (or in some cases: fear) for this very peculiar country grows simultaneously. What kind of hell hole is this place? Is it a hell hole or are the prejudices so strong they must be right? How’s life in this communist stronghold? It’s pretty hard to imagine, really. Luckily the General traveled to North Korea recently… AND ALL WE GOT IS THIS LOUSY PHOTO STORY!

No, seriously, it’s quite an amazing collection of pictures, if you ask me. Almost like you can feel the people acting or posing in one way or the other, just waiting for the photographer to leave before resuming their misery in the gulag. On the other hand, in other pictures you can almost imagine a normal way of life, not so different from yours or mine. Anyway, judge for yourself:

Speak/read Dutch? Then you might want to get the full story here: