Ambassador.land is a travel blog. Ah you already figured that out, did you? Well, Ambassador.land is also a traveling embassy run by The Consul (from Antwerp, Belgium) and The General (from Amsterdam, Netherlands), two awesome freelance travel journalists by day and boring embassy clerks by night. We highly value quality – in pictures and in texts – but on the English version of our digital embassy we mainly offer visual pleasure: pictures of our safari’s, our views on a certain city, the photo story of our bike tour from Philly to Seattle, … So why don’t you use just Instagram then, you ask? Yes, well, that’s a very good question. We do use Instagram, but as we are storytellers (God, I almost puked writing that word) we needed a bigger (literally, about 1600px x 1050px) forum. And an About-page to tell you all of this.

Meet the team